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SHINDC Mimouna Brunch with the National Museum of American Jewish Military History 5/1/16:

SHINDC's Annual Mimouna Brunch 2016 with NMAJMH attracted about 150 people like last year's event. That 2015 Mimouna, which we kicked off at Shalom House, made history as the very first public Mimouna celebration downtown in the Nation's Capital.  In 2016, we renewed our connection with our neighbors according to the spirit of this North African tradition.  Mimouna marks a bittersweet end to Passover because it coincides with the week of Holocaust Remembrance, which tragically highlights the consequences of failing to connect in this way.  SHINDC’s Mimouna program recalls the Holocaust and its related experiences for Sephardic Jews in North Africa, Greece, the Balkans and Iraq.  Our unique observance in this regard includes celebrating the righteous acts of Muslims who exemplified the spirit of Mimouna by saving the lives of their Jewish neighbors. 


In addition to enjoying traditional foods and music, we celebrate those righteous acts and the comity that became a hallmark of Mimouna in Morocco—these are values that we hold dear.  We also exhibited photos of American Jewish soldiers connecting with the people of North Africa during WWII.  The values of freedom that they fought for adds meaning to our celebration. That service also contributed to the ultimate defeat of Nazi Germany’s forces in North Africa, as part of the the overall Allied invasion there, saving North Africa’s Jews from utter annihilation.

SHINDC Celebration of a Unique Syrian Hanukkah Custom in Support of Refugees 12/13/15:

SHINDC Mimouna Brunch 4/12/15:

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Moroccan American Center/Morocco on the Move:

Thanks to Amina D and Aicha B--women of valor--for their invaluable contribution, and also to The Kosher Kitchen Catering Co., JewishROC, Shalom House, Manor Photography, SHINDC volunteers, Gnawa healing, Radio Mogador, Morocco on the Move, Embassy Of The Kingdom Of Morocco and all of our friends and family who helped, inspired and celebrated Mimouna with us.

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