Sephardic Heritage IN DC

SHIN-DC builds intercultural bridges &  promotes awareness, understanding and appreciation of this cosmopolitan heritage and the cultures, arts and history of the Middle East, North Africa, the Iberian Peninsula, and Central & Western Asia. We build comity through cultural diplomacy that engages cultural and faith communities, and the diverse nations, regions and peoples that relate to that heritage.


SHIN-DC is for everyone: Our motto is "The SHIN includes you, celebrating and building bridges with us." Our celebration spans cultural domains related to the origins, development, displacement, and diffusion of Sephardic heritage worldwide.  This includes cultural domains related to the Jewish, Muslim & Christian world, including historic Al-Andalus. 


Programs and events include guest speakers, celebrations, festivals, happy hours, community meals, films, and dance and musical performances. Our Moroccan-style DC brunch tradition for Mimouna, Hanukkah's Extra Flame (raising awareness of humanitarian and refugee crises worldwide), and other events and programs are fun and educational. They also provide opportunities to connect with your diverse neighbors and the diplomatic community in DC and around the world.


We hope to see you at our next event and also look forward to connecting with you on Facebook and Twitter. Folks in our community have been gathering to celebrate since January 2014.

Sephardic Heritage IN DC



Sephardic Heritage IN The Nation's Capital; Building Bridges


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