2017 at a Glance

SHINDC: Historic First Sephardic Selihot in the District 9/18/2014

Featuring Turkish Hazzan/Rabbi Nissim Elnecave of Mexico who elucidated the inspiring words and melodies for us.

SHINDC: Ladino Concert at the Bulgarian Embassy 8/8/2014

Featuring Sephardic Music Guru Dr. Judith Cohen and Company.  Dr. Cohen performed Judeo-Spanish songs from different regions (including ones in Hakatiya) and compared Bulgarian Ladino music with  traditional Bulgarian.  There was a special appearance by godmother of Ladino music Flory Jagoda--originally from Sarajevo--who shared that her "nona" (grandmother) used to always say that we must continue in this way (our traditions).  Thanks to the Embassy of Bulgaria for partnering with SHIN-DC, as we endeavor to do so and build bridges in the District.

SHINDC: Lag La'Omer Sephardic BBQ 


Featuring special guest Moroccan Hazzan David Louk and an awesome Sephardic BBQ.  We also learned traditional songs for Lag La'Omer.


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